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Modular System Versatility

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  LED Message Centers

                    Time and Temperature Units


Advanced electronics and structural components designed to allow image 
program flexibility and integration. 

The modular IMAGEPRO electronic sign system has been designed and engineered to integrate into current multi-national company sign programs. 

Price numeral options of 9", 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", 60" and 72" enable a multi-location company to integrate price signs and message centers into their current or future site programs and ensure a coordinated and dynamic visual element no matter the viewing distance requirements. 

IMAGEPRO extruded aluminum cabinet system has been especially designed for the exterior electronic signage application and its unique demands. One body frame, frame divider and its dual companion retainers offer an extremely versatile housing system that serves the entire IMAGEPRO product line. The industry unique rubber gasket system seals not only the doors but also any translucent faces from the entrance of water or bugs, thus protecting the electronics and keeping the faces clean. The IMAGEPRO cabinet has vertically hinged doors for great serviceability. Not only environmentally correct and functional, it projects a 21st Century streamlined design.

IMAGEPRO LED electronics have been designed in response to our experience with, and feedback from, our many client/users over the last decade. From the flexibility of the 
number of signs to be controlled to the programming and communication options offered, you will finally be able to gain control of your site's offering to the street. IMAGEPRO advanced wide-angle LED's are engineered to not only be extremely bright and legible, but offer 10 to 11 years of operating life.

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