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The X-PressWay Communicator Series is designed for traffic speeds 
of 65 - 80 mph

Effectively reaching motorists on a divided super-highway with traffic speeds up to 80 mph and viewing distances of a half-a-mile, requires large characters with sufficient negative space to enhance readability. The challenge is to accomplish this without the historically high cost of power to operate and the continuous maintenance costs required to control lamp outages. 

IMAGEPRO has the answer! X-PressWay Price Communicator Series come in sizes of 60" and 72" numerals with overall sign sizes of 10' x 12 1/2' and 12' x 15'. Each is available for between pole, sandwiching a single pole or in our walk-in models. 

When it comes to large format message centers, IMAGEPRO LED X-PressWay LED Message Communicator models really fit the bill. Sizes are available in 42" and 60" characters. Our offering is designed to replace the expensive operational and maintenance headaches of the last century with high-impact, long life, 10 - 11 year LED's which consume only 10% of the energy used by the traditional incandescent lamp banks of old.

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