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The Next Evolution Improving technology and market research has spawned new technologies in the ImagePro LED Price Signs.  With more reliable technologies, better interface, and flexible design we now offer more and keep costs low.

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Features of the IMAGEPRO LED Price Sign Series III Electronics
Advanced Design
bulletReliable communication of up to 4000 feet between sign and station.
bulletFlexible Combinations of up to 8 price lines and 8 digits per line.
bulletUp to 8 unique sign faces (or display sides) that may each contain one or more price lines.
bulletSupports all cluster types including quad-cluster control and partial characters.
bulletFuture support for alphabetic characters using Rich character set (up to 256 possible characters)
bulletUser interface can be a wall or desktop mounted LCD keyboard unit, or a Windows PC software application.

Manager Control Settings

bulletAutomatic On / Off programming capabilities to turn your prices on when you open and off when you close.
bulletSupervisor menus are protected by a four to eight digit numeric password.
bulletRecovery from a forgotten password is supported in software.

Flexible Intensity Control

bulletEach sign face is controlled individually for maximum flexibility and accurate brightness.
bulletFive levels of intensity control. Each level is software programmable throughout the entire intensity range so that adjacent, heterogeneous signs, can be matched for daytime and nighttime intensity levels.
bulletOn-the-spot manual control of intensity.
bulletAutomatic intensity control using photo sensor.
bulletAutomatic intensity control using time of day.

Self-Testing Failure Detection

bulletDigits are tested each time a new price is posted.
bulletTest utility isolates failure to a single digit and displays the digit number, line number and face number.
bulletFailures are logged in battery backed memory to aid in troubleshooting intermittent failures.
bulletProtection from power outage. All price, calendar, and setup data is stored in battery backed memory. On restoration of power, prices are restored to the sign.

Additional Features

bulletDaylight savings can be enabled so that the time will automatically be updated on the appropriate dates.
bulletSimplified installation due to ease of cabling.
bulletProgrammable system allows for future expansions via software updates.
bulletProgrammable system allows for new sign applications.


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