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The Crossroads of the
Competitive Marketplace

Petroleum retailers and lodging facilities have a tougher time than ever before, not only maintaining margins, but also attracting and retaining motivated employees in an ever increasingly competitive market place. Today's consumer and employee are accustomed to high-tech visual offerings and the ease of use that the computer offers to previously manual tasks.

All businesses are looking for the integration of electronic systems that will eliminate manual functions within their company, reduced overall costs and elimination of dangerous operations. The enhanced control over the manual operation of changing prices at the street will result in the elimination of one of the most disliked tasks of the attendants job and result in enhanced employee satisfaction and safety.

The ImagePro Company has developed a complete series of price signs and message centers designed to effectively improve communication with passing motorists and improve control over the ever-changing prices of lodging or fueling centers locations. Now, whether one location, regional or nationally, prices and messages can be advanced programmed or changed to be pro-active to market conditions. These changes can be performed from the immediate location or the remote office facility with a couple of keystrokes.

Not only does our visual communication system improve the execution of messages, it does so with high-impact to the motorist. ImagePro's flexibility of sizes and configurations ensure the ability to select the right size for each individual sites' viewing distance requirements. This will result in reaching the motorist in time for them to make a decision in time to react and take advantage of your facility and its offerings.


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