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The HiWay Communicator Series 
is designed for traffic speeds of 
50 - 65 mph

The IMAGEPRO HiWay Communicator Series is designed for viewing distances up to 2800 feet and speeds of 50 - 65 mph, limiting factors which reduce the time available in which the motorist has to react to your message offerings. 

Single or double face models in numeral sizes of 24", 36" and 48" are suitable for 25' to 45' high installations, mounting on canopies or remote Outdoor Billboard locations. 

Communication options are available for controlling one or many displays at the same time, from the station or corporate office. 

Message centers can be included with the initial order or at a future date. IMAGEPRO HiWay LED Message Center models come in 24" or 30" characters in single or multi-line configurations. 

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